Çorlu Chamber of Commerce and Industry is one of the pioneering chambers of Turkey.In the official documents of the Province of Edirne, it is written that there was a chamber of Agriculture in Çorlu since 1870 . In the documents recorded in 1891, its name is mentioned as Chamber of Agriculture, Commerce and Craft. In the first years of the Republic, it carried out its activities under the name of Chamber of Commerce and Industry. After taking a break,the Chamber was founded again in 1958. The number of members of Çorlu Chamber of Commerce and Industry,that plays an important role on the economy of Çorlu, increases directly proportional with the development of Çorlu.


Assmebly is the highest decision organ of the Chamber and it is composed of every two person that Profession Committees elect among themselves with secret ballot. Within the five days after election, profession committees come together and elect the reserve and real members of the assembly. Elections are made with secret ballot under the supervisio of Judgement. The results of the election are sent to TOBB and related ministery by the president of Electoral Commision of the town.


The board is the highest accomplishment organ of the Chamber. It is formed by 5 person who are elected among the members of the assembly. Also reserve members are elected. Assembly comes together within the 7 days after the election and elects the real and reserve members of the board. Then the board elects the president, two vice presidents and an accountant member for the period of two years. If any of the members of Board leaves, one of the reserve members who gained more vote during elections comes to the board.Every information about changes about the Board is sent to TOBB and the related ministery. The board makes the division of labour in the first meeting.


Every chamber has a general secretary who is responsible for the administrative units of the chamber and who has a right to vote during the meetings of the assembly and the board. If the population of the town is more than a hundred thousand the number of secretaries can be more than one. General Secretary is appointed by the assembly with the recommendation of the board.General Secretary is the chief of the Chamber personnel.